TSCamp, what’s that?

Hello world, hello table soccer community,

What a pleasure to finally start this project! It feels like ages since we gathered around a table soccer table and discussed this idea for the very first time. It was a time before smart phones took off, a time before internet flat rates were common, a time of “digital infancy”. Now, that everyone carries around a handheld device with more computation power then a computer 10 years ago and a permanent internet connection faster than a leased line five years ago, we felt the time is right to start working on the TSCamp – a project which was slumbering for so long in the back of our heads.

But who are we? What is the table soccer camp about? And why should the world even want to know about that? Keep reading for answers to those questions.

Back in the day, we were a bunch of students with way more time and enthusiast, for table soccer, than for our actual studies. Now, as we all finally finished our studies we are computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, teachers and even more. But after all, still bit table soccer enthusiasts.

The idea of the table soccer camp came during one of our long match nights, when we got sick of all the note taking and calculating of scores and rankings by hand. Inspired by the chess ELO rating system we came up with a formula where a ranking for a player gets calculated based on his current ranking, his partner’s and his opponent’s rankings. Based on that formula we were maintaining a ranking on our table soccer club website. As other table soccer clubs heard about our system they wanted to adapt it, but adaption of the software was tedious and slow. So the idea developed to make a platform where every player could register and maintain his own matches and compete against other players in one or several rankings.

We called it the TSCamp – the Table Soccer Calculation And Management Project!

On this blog, we will keep posting about the features and abilities of the TSCamp and keep readers updated about the development progress. If you are interested in further information, becoming a beta tester or even getting involved in the development of the TSCamp, contact us in the comment section or on Twitter.

So long and hope to hear from you,
your TSCamp Team!